Introducing the TROY SecureDocs Printing System - a Revolution in Secure Document Printing

  • End-to-end document security
  • Personalised, layered security at the point of issue or print
  • Comprehensive, high security printing platform at a low cost per page
  • Secure, mobile, document verification
  • Complete document traceability and audit trail reporting
  • TROY’s High Security Total Solution delivers a comprehensive, on-demand, security printing solution
  • Scalable, configurable, easy to deploy, cost effective solution
  • Compatibility: complements existing security printing strategy or stand-alone print environment
  • Ideal for government, financial and insurance organisations

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SecureDocs Applications:

Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Licenses, Vehicle & Equipment Registrations, Real Estate Titles and Deeds, Work Visas, Temporary IDs, Driver’s Licenses, Passports, Resident/Work Permits, Government ID’s.

Contracts, Wills, Power of Attorney Documents Certificates of Origin, NDA’s, Background Checks, Client Records.

Tickets, Passes, Contracts.

Bills of Lading, Export Documents, Insurance Policies, Certificates of Origin, Confidential Legal Documents, Defence Contracts, RFP’s, Manufacturing Documents and Labeling, Stock and Bond Certificates, Prescriptions, Drug Tests.

Cheques, Money Orders, Demand Drafts, Loan Documents, Appraisals.

Transcripts, Grade Reports, Certifications, Degrees, Diplomas.

Layered On Demand Security

Example of Layered Security

Complementary Security Hardware & Inks:

Harnessing the world’s most secure printer technology, SecureUV Printers print regular cyan and magenta plus two security inks; a black fluorescing UV and an invisible UV in the yellow cartridge slot. Used alongside SecureDocs, you can add a ghost image and personalised text in invisible ink to aid in authentication and prevent copying or alteration. Any combination of text, graphics, or barcodes can be used for the creation of customised, secure documents.

These inks exhibit excellent lightfastness qualities, as well as being scratch and smear resistant. They can be applied either overtly or covertly and are ideal for applications such as: High Security Documents, Supply Chain Integrity, and Brand Protection Labels.

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TROY PageWide 556 SecureUV Printer.

Photo of TROY PageWide 556 SecureUV Printer
TROY Fluorescing Black UV Ink

TROY Fluorescing Black UV Ink adds a hidden UV agent to printed black graphics and images. Fluorescing UV ink is part of the black (K) cartridge. Whenever black text or graphics are printed, this invisible feature appears. The ultraviolet features are only detectable with a UV verification light, adding a protective layer of security to your documents.

TROY Secure Invisible UV Ink

TROY Secure Invisible UV Ink provides an invisible layer of security to each of your documents. SecureUV ink can be printed as either a designated text or graphic but can only be detected with a UV verification light. This ink prints simultaneously with the black, cyan, and magenta ink.

How SecureDocs Works

  • Automatic document identification
  • Anti-copy protection
  • Optical watermarking
  • Variable text watermarking
  • Full document traceability
  • QR code verification
Document Workflow

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