Variable data and forms solution for small to medium print volumes.

Create and manage native PDFs for both print and electronic output, making it easy to move to electronic delivery.

PdfPlus puts control of your documents back in the hands of your users. It is designed to allow users to choose document formats, design and edit templates and add logical elements such as time and date or barcodes – all within an easy-to-use, browser-based interface.

PDFPlus Highlights

Most importantly, PdfPlus merges PDF forms with overlay data before the printer, so you have the option to print and mail or deliver electronically, as well as being able to archive your documents in a viewable format.

PdfPlus is a variable data and forms solution for small to medium print volumes. It is ideal for use in workgroups and for organisations with distributed printing systems, such as retail groups. PdfPlus is administered via an easy to use web interface. It provides a WYSIWYG forms profile editor which allows the user to upload and lay out PDF forms and define how variable data and other elements will be merged into the document.

PDFPlus Screenshot

For more information, see the PdfPlus Datasheet here.

Standalone or integrated

PdfPlus is included with our DataGateway solution and is also available as a stand-alone solution. The stand-alone option is ideal for organisations with distributed local desktop printing, such as retail chains with many stores printing credit agreements and invoices. It provides a drop-in replacement for existing local print equipment with zero or minimal change to the print generating application.

WML Secure Forms

Enable secure printing and electronic delivery from tablet-based documents.

Secure Forms from WML provides a simple and secure way to allow your users to print documents direct from a tablet. Customer service and sales staff can use a tablet to input details from a customer and send the completed document for print or secure electronic delivery. The browser-based module works on all tablet platforms and all the data is stored remotely.

Secure Forms is ideal for retail environments where there is a need to enhance the customer experience while creating credit agreements and customer contracts.

Secure Forms brings all the benefits of our PDFPlus solution to a tablet-based interface. It is available as a modular add-on to PDFPlus and can be used in a stand-alone implementation or as part of our DataGateway document output management solution.

Document Workflow

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