Kyocera Prescribe Emulation

Prescribe Emulation. Convert Prescribe to PDF, PostScript, and PCL formats in minutes using Fontware’s reliable solution. Print Prescribe documents using any manufacturers’ printer or simply email them as standard electronic documents.

Proof of Concept

Fontware offers a free proof of concept service: simply send us a sample of your Prescribe data and we will convert it into the required format then forward you the converted documents.

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Kyocera Print Emulation: Print and Convert Prescribe Documents into Standard Formats

Fontware offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for Kyocera Prescribe emulation. Our solution enables you to process and print Kyocera Prescribe documents on any manufacturers’ printer or MFD & convert them into standard formats including PDF, PostScript, and PCL.

Documents are placed into a queue, which is then processed and sent to selected printers. You can easily control and configure the settings of your print job through the admin interface.

Our software solution removes the need for expensive additional hardware boxes or dongles, making it easy to reduce your reliance on Kyocera devices, allowing an open printing platform going forward.

Preprint Diagram Schematic
Printing Cycle

Use drag and drop hot folders to convert multiple documents easily and quickly. Whether you’ve converted a single document or an entire batch, the converted data can be automatically sent to any network printers of your choice.

Separate print queues can be set-up to correspond to as many printers as you like and can be customised to each printer. Settings can be changed to control paper tray selection, double-sided printing, output trays, stapling and folding techniques.

Form overlays can easily be added and converted documents can also be saved, shared or emailed as electronic documents in PDF format.

Processing your Kyocera Prescribe documents is quick and simple using the user-friendly interface.

The Benefits of Our Prescribe Emulation Solution

  • Our solution removes the requirement to only use Kyocera devices, allowing you to select printers from other manufacturers, so offering a more open printing platform going forward.
  • Convert Kyocera Prescribe documents into industry standard formats, including PDF, PostScript and PCL, controlled on a per-queue basis.
  • As well as converting Kyocera Prescribe documents, our solution can also be used to convert plain format text and PCL documents into PDF files. PDF documents can also be processed through internal drivers into PostScript or PCL formats.
  • Form overlays can easily be added to replace the need for pre-printed stationery.
  • Fully compatible with Kyocera barcode printing.
  • Our solution is multi-platform: LPD/LPR, IPP protocols and TCP raw data transfer are all available from Unix, Windows, and Linux applications servers.
Document Workflow

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