DataGateway – complete document output management for print centralisation and electronic delivery

DataGateway is a robust, scalable software solution that is purpose-designed for organisations producing complex documents with a high level of variability. It provides a workflow system enabling document processing & document control.

DataGateway Overview

DataGateway will take data in (from various sources in various formats) then it can Process, Control, Validate, Enhance, and Push data out to various places in various formats e.g. physically printed, emailed or archived, etc.

DataGateway is used by leading brands in insurance and retail and is an ideal solution for users of systems from Cheshire DataSystems (CDL) and SSP, as well as users of mainframe systems from SAP, Oracle or any ERP system.

For an overview of our DataGateway software platform, please watch the short 10 minute video.

Please also see our WML Information Pack to see some of the benefits associated with document output management.


Prescribe® print emulation for output to any printer using industry standard formats.

PrePrint allows you to break free from the restraints of legacy printers by providing a simple and straight-forward way to convert Prescribe documents to a variety of formats.


Create and manage native PDFs for both print and electronic output, making it easy to move to electronic delivery.

PDFPlus is designed to allow users to choose document formats and design and edit templates within an easy-to-use, browser-based interface. By merging PDF forms with overlay data before the printer, it provides the option to print and mail or deliver electronically, as well as being able to archive your documents in a viewable format.

DataGateway ViewPoint

WML’s DataGateway ViewPoint allows users to only have sight of documents they are authorised to see, ensuring that only authorised staff members have sight of certain types of data.

It helps reduce the risk of incurring regulatory fines or of losing future legal action due to the delivery of faulty documents. Take advantage of version controlled letter and document template publication to control and record exactly which versions of documents are released to customers.

The solution is ideal for a broker or departmental environment.

Document Workflow

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