Document Content Control – Document Analysis

Secure User Interface to allow users to have sight of documents they are authorised to see. Perfect for a broker or Departmental environment.

Real time document analysis ensures that only error-free documents are processed and not held as exceptions.

Document Content Control Highlights

  • Validation
    Use form validation actions to check that fields are filled in, dates are within sensible ranges, monetary values are within range and numeric values make sense. Incorrect or incomplete documents are held back for review. You can develop your document analysis rules in-house, or out-source the task to WML.
  • Automatic Document Collation
    Many software systems produce uncollated pages for print output, which then have to be hand or machine collated. The Collation feature identifies the contents of each document portion, then, based on the contents of a letter or covering page, determines when all document sections have been received. It compiles a single, complete PDF and then sends this on for print and mail or electronic delivery.
  • Customised Actions
    Our system is designed to easily incorporate a wide range of actions to manipulate a document. Examples include attaching extra pages if a particular field is filled in, or diverting a document to different output queues depending on a field value. We customise these actions to suit your requirements, with no disruption to the overall system.
  • Integrity Checking
    Ensure that every document includes all the pages required. Never send out a letter missing its enclosures again.
  • Cleanliness
    For free-form documents typed in by an operator, ensure that banned words and phrases are held from printing.
  • Quality Assurance
    Link a phrase in your document to hold back documents which should be checked by a line-manager before delivery. Improve the input to your print workflow with feedback to your staff of when and how they are making mistakes.
Rules User Interface

Document Content Control Rules are developed and maintained using our browser-based rules editor.

Upload your example documents, then configure phrases to identify page and document types.

Give your page and document types descriptive names so that your held-documents and output-documents reports will be clear and easy to read.

When your rules are ready, publish them so that they will be applied to your production printing.

Document Workflow

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