Fontware has over 40 years experience in helping companies with all their font & type requirements.

Font Licensing

Navigate the world of usage rights and font licensing requirements with the help of our corporate font licensing specialists. Get the expert guidance and support you need to buy and use fonts legally.

Font licensing used to be relatively straightforward, you chose your fonts and paid a flat fee according to how many desktop computers they would be used on. Today, the process is often much more complicated.

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Custom Fonts

Improve your brand image and have complete confidence in your font usage rights. Our font specialists can design custom fonts and bespoke typefaces for your business.

Fontware can create you a unique font that is specifically designed for your business and perfectly tailored to your needs. Whether you want to commission a new font from scratch, or need additions to your existing corporate fonts, we can help.

Language Fonts

Let us help you design or license fonts in a huge range of languages to help your brand expand its reach.

We can help you to license fonts in a huge range of languages, or even design a custom font with bespoke typefaces in these languages.

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Logos & Signature Fonts

Turn your corporate logo and signatures into easy-to-use fonts with the help of our font specialists.

As marketing systems and automation become more complex, it’s more important than ever that your logos and signatures are standardised, usable and reproduced in high quality.

Document Workflow

Contact us to start your journey toward complete document security

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