WML PrePrint – Kyocera Prescribe Print Emulation

Standalone Kyocera Prescribe® print emulation and conversion, to output to any printer using industry standard formats.

Kyocera Prescribe® Emulation

PrePrint from WML will convert Kyocera Prescribe documents into industry standard formats, including PDF, PostScript and PCL, on a per-queue basis. PrePrint is supplied as a standalone single application embedded appliance or a VMware image and provides a reliable and cost-effective method of migrating from the Prescribe page description language.

PrePrint queues can be configured in minutes using WML’s intuitive, user-friendly interface. Processing Prescribe documents could not be easier: conversion to PDF, PostScript or PCL is done simply by printing documents using LPR or raw port printing.

Drag and drop hot folders are also supported, which makes conversion of document batches simple. Converted data can be routed automatically to any network printer or optionally stored as a PDF archive for emailing as an electronic document.

Uniquely, PrePrint supports any output printer, as individual printer PPD files can be associated with each PrePrint queue. This allows users to take advantage of all the printers’ functionality, including tray and cassette selectionoutput bin selectionduplex and stitching.

For more information, please download the PrePrint Datasheet:

Proof of Concept

WML provide a free proof of concept service: simply supply us with sample Prescribe data and we will convert it into the required format. We’ll return the document in PDF format and also as printer-suitable PostScript or PCL data based on your target printer hardware.


PrePrint integrates seamlessly into WML’s other distributed printing solutions, DataGateway and PdfPlus, and will allow you to build a tailored secure white paper print environment across your enterprise. All WML print solutions are scalable and can be expanded simply by purchasing licences for the required options on any device or VMware image.

Document Workflow

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