TROY Secure Print Enterprise


TROY Secure Print Enterprise is a powerful software solution offering a cost effective and flexible method for adding unique fraud prevention features to any document printed using stand alone or network laser printers.

Operational Improvements

  • Enables efficient secure printing to your existing laser printers.
  • Reduces or eliminates dependency on expensive pre-printed security stock paper.
  • Reduces time and labor spent on chain of custody processes and managing security stock paper.
  • Eliminates the need for printers with locking paper trays.
  • Eliminates the need for dedicated printers.
  • Streamlines the entire security document print process.

Unique Fraud Protection

  • TROY Copy Evident Pantograph is revealed when any unauthorized copying or scanning occurs.
  • TROYMarkTM Variable Data Watermark prints unique user defined data across the back of each document for alteration protection.
  • TROY optimized MicroPrinting indicates a copy under simple magnification.
  • Intelligent TROY Warning Box information makes authentication quick and easy.

Save time and cost

  • Eliminates need to purchase expensive prescription paper and other security
  • Improves workflows by reducing time spent on chain of custody requirements involved with inventory storage and replenishing of pre-printed security forms.

Regulatory Compliance and Fraud Protection

  • TROYMarkTM prints unique user defined variable data on the back of each prescription or other security document.
  • TROY Copy Evident Pantograph applied in the background is easily visible if a prescription or other security document is photocopied.
  • TROY MicroPrint provides secondary authentication method with microprint border text visible under simple magnification.
  • TROY Intelligent Warning Box allows first line inspectors to easily verify document authenticity.

Flexible Deployment

  • Windows server based application installs on existing computer or network with PCL5 laser printers connected.
  • Supports single printer applications as well as multiple network printers in different locations.
  • Dynamic user defined print settings allow normal use of printers when security features are not needed.
  • Customizable security settings are easily selected in Windows format print settings window.