Print Sampler

Standardises usage of electronic templates, rationalises printing & reduces costs

Key Features

  • For all Windows applications
  • Pre-printed stationery electronic replacement
  • Template centralisation and standardisation
  • Simplified printer management
  • Document preview
  • Not printer dependant
  • Option to save as PDF for emailing or archiving
  • Runs on Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

Save on pre-printed stationery

Pre-printed stationery usage is a source of various and expensive problems (Stock management, obsolescence, physical manipulation, misuse…). Print Sampler standardises usage of electronic templates, rationalises printing and reduces costs.

Print Sampler’s virtual printer

When printing from any Windows application Print Sampler’s virtual printer allows the user to choose the appropriate template, preview the final document and print it anywhere. The user can also decide to generate a PDF for archive as well as printing the document.

With Print Sampler’s virtual printer, the user can store any number of spool files in the assembly module and then decide to merge them into one document to be printed or saved as PDF.

Use of Templates

Templates are PDF documents that can be stored locally or shared on a server so they are available for an entire organisation. Any PDF document can become a template. It is possible to create printing scenarios where several templates are merged into a unique document. As an example, the administrator can force a header page on any job, or force duplex printing with terms and conditions at the back of each page.

Viewing and Archiving

One of the main features of Print Sampler is the possibility to preview the document before printing or before being saved as PDF. The PDF file is fully searchable thus easy to archive and retrieve.

Customer Profile

Print Sampler is the ideal tool to manage templates for any large organisation or all SMBs. Print Sampler is designed for all types of activities (Financial, Insurance, Industry, Logistics, Manufacturing, Legal…)


  • Windows printer accessible from any Windows application
  • Standardised templates throughout the organisation
  • End user interface for previewing
  • Not printer model dependant (Laser, matrix, inkjet…)
  • Print and archive simultaneously
  • Print and email simultaneously
  • Multicopy mode to replace multipart printing
  • Colour printing locker (cost reduction)
  • Document merger tool
  • Templates only accessible for authorised users
  • Easy interface, no need for end user training
  • Silent install for corporate customers
  • Template management tool for easy support
  • Server version with fully automated document processing

Supported Environments

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2012R2, 2016