PlanetPress Connect


Business process & Data-driven communication automation

PlanetPress reads whatever your current systems output and provides you with the tools and freedom to use data any way you want. Automate processes, move data around.


PlanetPress Connect is suited to any type of business environment that needs to manage the creation, distribution and automation of their most important documents.

Invoices, statements, purchase orders, delivery notes and letters are examples of the type of transactional documents the solution is perfect for.

It offers a toolbox for the entire communication process from document composition and enhancement to distribution and transmission via any channel to, finally, archiving and reporting.

The Solution is unique in many ways. It can receive data and documents from any database, software and application. ERP, CRM and financial systems being the most common ones. Output can be created in any format, for any printer, or for HTML email, landing pages and EDMs.

It was built from the ground-up using the latest web technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript making it easier to use by IT and tech personnel.

The Solution puts today’s communication preferences and latest technologies at the core, all this based on more than 20 years of creating simple, effective and enjoyable software to help companies better communicate with customers.

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As an Approved and Accredited Distributor of PReS Connect, PlanetPress Connect, Printshop Mail Connect and Capture on the GO, Fontware have the knowledge and experience to offer an unrivalled service for customers looking to improve their business communications.


Typical examples

  • Promotional documents, for example: Mail merge for direct marketing, postcards and promotional documents, tickets, numbered flyers, and similar
  • Addressed documents: Mail merge, numbered documents, postal barcodes, and similar
  • Transactional documents, for example> invoices, statements, delivery notes, transpromotional documents, and similar a
  • Forms: delivery notes, returns, data-capturing, and similar

Typical industries

  • Bank & Finance
  • Insurance
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Utility
  • Retailers & Wholesalers
  • Healthcare
  • Government & Administration
  • Advertising, Internet and e-Commerce

Typical applications

  • Document enhancement/re-engineering
  • Process automation
  • Automated distribution
  • Multi-channel business communication
  • Mail preparation
  • Transactional documents creation and output
  • Automated archiving


  • Reduced manual handling as substituted by automating processes
  • Reduced postage costs
  • Save costs by increasing efficiency, without changing existing environments
  • Increase capacity and performance
  • Faster time to market through automation of processes and reduced or no manual tasks
  • Boosts productivity of development, testing and maintenance of workflows
  • Reduced IT costs a Being environmental-friendly by reducing your paper consumption
  • Continuity garanteed by maintaining standards
  • Reducing waste of resources and materials


  • User friendly, easy to use interface with drag & drop features
  • Supports almost all types of data and input documents
  • Uses numerous data sources
  • Easily changes or adds data or content (static or dynamic formats)
  • Elaborates PDF automatically, in real time
  • Sophisticated document personalisation
  • Uses metadata to extract attributes like postal codes or similar
  • Subdivides single processes by applying rules to the workflow
  • Optimises documents for post-printing processes (OMR marks, barcodes, QR codes)
  • Datamapping
  • Enables database search
  • Optimized impositioning and page-overflow for text-loaded documents
  • Paginated output a Web output, E-mail output and archiving
  • Preview functionality for every output option (print, email, web, …)
  • True multi-language support (left-right, right-left)

Challenges faced

  • Overcome inflexible systems or multiple data sources, using some or all of the numerous options
  • Document creation by using PDFs in input and compositioning with simple drag&drop functionality
  • Time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks as well as a wide range of sources for human error are eliminated through automated processes without human intervention being necessary
  • Applying changes to enhance the layout of your document can be complex and expensive having to use external consultancy with other solutions, which are not necessary here
  • Creating and adding statistics and the possibility to cross-sell products by using images from any data source and herewith creating transpromotional documents, perfectly tailored to each of your customers
  • Applying post-printing functionalities to documents for mail-preparation purposes
  • No more low response rates due to generic content that is of little or no interest as lacking sufficient personalization
  • Multichannel distribution and output of documents for print and digital through multiple tools, available simultaneously or consecutively, as requested by customers or according to information given from the database in input
  • Storage and handling of pre-printed documents (stationery) is eliminated by printing digitally archived documents on plain white paper
  • Automated, digital archiving as a logic step in the workflow of document handling


  • No change to existing systems through flexible seamless and easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Process automation
  • Update relevant information in real time makes follow up of business processes immedate and easy
  • Improved, tailor-made customer service (customisation, personalisation)
  • Eliminates pre-printed stationery (white paper solution)
  • Reduced mail costs, reduced labour costs
  • Eliminates time consuming as well as manual processes
  • Automatic, digital archiving of business-critical correspondence, herewith available any time, 24/7

And it can do so much more!

  • Campaign-design: Easily connect different communication channels
  • A true multi-channel solution because you create content once, and use it for multiple purposes and formats
  • Add the digital alternative to your customer communication and, with that, offer an additional service
  • Leverage the new communication trends without changing your existing systems and without complex programming or separate tools

About Objectif Lune / Fontware: With Over 20 Years experience in improving business processes, Objectif Lune are the perfect partner to work with to assist customers in improving their communications.