PDF Plus


A PDF-based forms solution for variable data and transactional printing in workgroups and retail operations

PdfPlus is a variable data and forms solution for small to medium print volumes. It is ideal for use in workgroups and for organisations with distributed printing systems, such as retail groups.

PdfPlus is administered via an easy to use web interface. It provides a WYSIWYG forms profile editor which allows the user to upload and lay out PDF forms and define how variable data and other elements will be merged into the document.

Finished PDF documents are printed to the customer’s choice of printer, archived to network storage, or emailed to the recipient.

The PdfPlus contains features to minimise changes to a customer’s working practices. The aim is to provide a drop-in replacement for existing local print equipment with zero or minimal change to the print generating application.


Key Features

  • Generates professional documents, merging PDF forms with formatted (PostScript, PDF) or structured (CSV, XML) input print data.
  • WYSIWYG template and document logic manager.
  • Processes PDF, PostScript, CSV, XML and plain formatted text input data, with all output available in PDF (for archiving and electronic delivery) and PostScript or PCL (for printing).
  • Logic manager allows plain text within the input to be converted into barcodes.
  • Integrates into existing network infrastructure, replacing multiple printers.
  • An audit/reports option allows users to track individual documents and to build sophisticated, tailored production reports.
  • Indexed PDF archiving is available as an option. (Tracked electronic document delivery is available in our DataGateway product).
  • Email alerts can be configured to inform support staff if minimum document transfer rates have not been met.
  • An FTP option allows the PdfPlus to accept scanned output from multi-function printers.
  • Accepts data via LPD, raw port printing, IPP and from network shared hot folders
  • A versatile queue-based configuration allows all settings to be applied on a per-queue basis, with input duplication between queues allowing copy and manipulate functions.


Example Applications

Copy and archive: Duplicate input to a second queue with a “copy” template to apply a COPY watermark. Copies are archived to a Windows share, originals print out and are mailed to the customer.

Scanned document identification: Scanned prescriptions have the current date, time and the scan location overlaid before being centrally printed in the pharmacy. Pharmacists can easily identify the origin of each prescription when they need to clarify details.

Replace legacy forms solution: Replace a printer- based forms solution with a printer and application-independent PdfPlus to overlay transactional data onto PDF forms.


Templates and logic

PdfPlus includes a template and document logic manager. Multiple page PDF forms can be imported and used to build up templates in an easy to use WYSIWYG editor.

The user can embed variable, static, real-time (e.g. current time or date) and barcode elements within the template, allowing automated data merges to occur as print data is received. Stored templates can be triggered from input data streams to provide a fully automated white paper digital printing solution.


Appliance management

PdfPlus appliances across an enterprise are managed by our Appliance Manager. This is a master appliance which is used to push firmware upgrade and configuration changes out to individual devices or groups of appliances.

Upgrades and configuration changes are pushed out within an administrator-defined “upgrade window” and a user interface allows the admin to review the progress of a “push” and verify that changes have been applied to all appliances.


Technical specifications

PdfPlus is supplied as a standalone, single- application hardware appliance. It is also available as a virtual appliance to run on VMware or Linux KVM infrastructure.

The hardware appliance is based on an AMD Geode LX800 processor with 256 MB RAM (minimum), 128 MB flash storage (minimum) and a single 10/100 ethernet port. Its dimensions are 130mm(d)x140mm(w)x32mm(h).

PdfPlus can accept PDF, PostScript, PCL, pre- formatted text, CSV and XML structured text input using LPD, raw TCP, IPP and network hot folders (Windows SMB/CIFS and Unix/Linux NFS).

PdfPlus is based on the WML Print Platform and supports NTP for time-keeping and the Unix syslog protocol to record system logs.