Pre Printed Cheques


Enhance your company image with personalised cheques

The cheques you use say as much about your business as your company letterhead and the choices are just as varied. Within Bank and APACS guidelines your cheques can be designed to incorporate your company colours, typestyles and your company logo.


How to use this guide

  1. Choose the format of cheques you need whether computer style or book style from this page.
  2. Choose the colour you would like for the personalisation on your cheques.
  3. Choose the background design and colour to suit your requirements.
  4. Download our brochure (via the link above) and complete the order form and send along with a copy of your artwork or logo to


Computer cheque formats compatible with your software

Computer cheques for use with automated software are available in a range of formats to suit your computer software. If you use a dot matrix printer continuous cheques are the right choice and the A4 format is suitable for use with laser or inkjet printers. The compatibility of your cheques with your computer software output is guaranteed and we provide cheques suitable for use with all UK software applications including Sage, Pegasus, Tetra and Multisoft as well as bespoke software.

The range of standard formats is shown on this page and multipart sets are available. Any other size or format is available as a bespoke option. Simply call our customer service team for further information.


Book cheque formats

If you hand write your cheques the book style format is the right choice. These are available in two styles and a cheque book wallet personalised with your company name is available to complement your cheque book.

4″ x 8″ cheque plus 3″ counterfoil 1 per page 50 cheques per boo

Two 4″ x 8″ cheques plus 3″ counterfoils 2 per page 100 cheques per book


Design Options

Your company personalisation

Shown below are a range of standard design options that can be incorporated into your cheques.


Company Logo

Your logo can be used in the design of your cheques. Simply send us artwork or a sample of your letterhead (please be careful not to staple or crease through your logo). Alternatively you can provide the artwork as a PC or MAC compatible file such as a TIF or a JPEG. If you are not sure about the format of your files, simply call us to discuss your requirements further.



The standard typestyles available are shown below for you to choose from. Alternatively we can produce your cheques with any other typestyle you specify.


Personalised colours

For the colour of your logo and all text and linework on your cheques a range of standard colours are shown below. Your cheques can also be produced using any other colour(s) you specify (within APACS guidelines).


Background Designs

A range of background designs and colours are available and a background design can be created specifically for your company. For further information on bespoke backgrounds please call our customer service team.


Personalised backgrounds with your company name

Your company name or web site address can be incorporated into the background design of your cheques.

The four designs shown below are all available in all four colours:- blue, pink, buff and green.


Standard Backgrounds

The background designs shown below are available in blue, pink, buff and green and the wove design is also available in grey.

Cheques & Credit Services


System Cheques

System cheques compatible with manual accounting systems such as Kalamazoo and Safeguard are available in four colours; blue, pink, green and buff and bespoke designs can also be created. These cheques can be personalised with your company logo and colours.


Bespoke Cheques

You can also have a cheque designed to be completely unique to your company incorporating your company colours and logos in the background. Alternative formats and sizes are available.


Secure End to End Printing Service

As well as printing your cheques we also offer a service to infill these on your behalf from a secure data file. These cheques can then be enclosed and mailed to the recipients. The service incorporates all your requirements, from initial designs through print, infilling and mailing.


Bank Giro Credit Voucher

A range of Bank Giro Credit vouchers can be produced to suit your requirements and meet the needs of your bank. The format of the document and the codeline details can be designed to help streamline your payment processing.

The three types of credits shown here cover the most popular styles, but any format and style (within APACS guidelines) can be produced.

Codeline Details and Reference Numbers

The codeline for your specially printed credits can be designed to suit your requirements and can include reference numbers for individual locations as well as a sequential number for reconciliation purposes. We will ensure that your codeline conforms to the required APACS and clearing bank standards.


Static & Sequential Reference Numbers

All credits should now include a sequential number and the reference number can be split into two parts. One part being a sequential number and the other part a static number that remains the same throughout the book. This can be used to denote specific locations and to help reconciling payments.



The minimum number of characters for a special reference code is six. Codes with less digits than this will be prefaced by zeros. Up to a total of 18 characters can be included. Please call the customer service team for more information on special credits and reference numbers.

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