Server Software for Windows, Linux, AIX and Sun Solaris platforms


Blue Serverâ„¢ is a powerful server-based printing solution enabling any LAN printer to service IBM Mainframe and Midrange systems applications. Running on a Windows server or workstation, Blue Server connects to IBM Mainframe and AS/400 systems and converts AFP, IPDS and SCS to PCL, PostScript and PDF. It requires neither intervention nor change on existing applications and has been designed for both decentralized and production environments.


Easy installation and configuration

Easy to set-up and configure, empowered by an intuitive graphical interface. Blue Server will provide you with an easy method to manage your printing systems, especially in case of heterogeneous printer fleet.


Meeting your specific requirements

Blue Server is a printer license based server software that will be distributed across the enterprise to exactly suit your printing requirements. Blue Server delivers power where needed without compromising network bandwidth, data transfer control and printer performance to ensure mission critical document distribution.

Key Features

  • IBM 3812/16, 4028, 3130, 3825, 3827, 3835 and 4000 printer emulation
  • End-to-end control for print error recovery
  • Supports Hi-Lite and Full Color, including FS45 and Object Containers
  • Support for MFP options
  • 2D Barcode support
  • TCP/IP sockets, TN3270E, TN5250, SNA, Channel 370 communication
  • Multiple session and printer support
  • Unlimited number of printers