Logos and Signatures

TrueType Logos

Your company logos can be converted into a TrueType logo font which can be used in any Windows based application. We can re-create your corporate logo into a TrueType logo, suitable for all your software applications and systems, in a wide variety of font formats. This will allow you to apply systems automation, control your corporate identity, and maintain ease of use. More information


TrueType Signatures

Many business documents need to be signed by an authorised signatory. It is often impractical to sign certain documents by hand, especially where high volumes are involved such as mailshots & other marketing material. There is an increasing tendency for documents to be created then emailed or faxed directly in a digital format without ever actually being printed out on paper. In an attempt to automate this procedure many companies simply scan in a signature & store it as a graphical bitmap file. We turn your signatures into high quality digital fonts.More information


Corporate Email Templates

As part of the Outsourced Option we can produce Email Templates containing your logo & corporate branding… More information


Corporate Word Templates

If you are a Microsoft Word user, and are interested in combining TrueType logos and signatures within your company stationery, then we can recreate your existing business stationery as Word templates. More Information