Custom Type


When you need more than an ‘off the shelf’ font we can help with our custom font services. Whether you need a completely new set of corporate fonts or just some modifications to an existing font we can help.


Corporate typefaces

We offer design and implementation of complete typefaces. Having your own unique set of corporate typefaces helps with your corporate identity and ensures that your typefaces meet all your requirements both visually and technically. Character sets for all regions of the world that you need to deal with can be incorporated and the design can reflect the style of your organisation.

A custom corporate typeface is produced exclusively for your use and isn’t subject to the usual user licence or licence restrictions associated with ‘off the shelf’ fonts.


Custom designs

If you can’t find the exact typeface to meet your requirements we may be able to help. From your design brief and list of ‘nearly’ fonts we can supply designs to match your specification.


Modifications to existing fonts

If you have a current font and licence that doesn’t fulfil your equirements we can often make changes that will resolve the issues without the need to purchase new typefaces. The services we can offer include addition of extra characters, such as the Euro symbol, expansion of the character set to support additional languages, adjusting spacing and kerning as well as improving screen quality with the introduction of delta hinting.


Production of your own design

Many companies have an initial font design produced by their preferred design agency. We can take the initial design and produce the finalised fonts including spacing, kerning and hinting.