Technical Services

  • Pre-sales support & consultation

  • Onsite & Remote Installation & Configuration

  • Post Sales Support & Comprehensive SLA’S


As a valued reseller, your primary role is probably focused on selling printing hardware. When a sale is made, Fontware works to consolidate the deal, providing the solution that brings everything together around the hardware. While hardware is a central part of the equation, it’s the solution that cements the sale and enhances the document process.

We will work with you to analyse, design and deliver the best solution infrastructure for your clients. Managing complex supplier partnerships is second nature to us, enabling you to focus on your core business. We understand people and processes and, most importantly, the products and solutions. And we have the tools to make it all work.



For too many organisations, Business Information Processing (BIP) takes a backseat compared to the day-to-day development of core business. With a reactive approach, BIP will always be one or two steps behind the demands of the business it is supposed to support.

Our approach is to ensure that BIP is fully aligned with organisational needs and plays an integral role in supporting business objectives. Our consultancy services include:

  • Provision of expert advice
  • Work analysis of existing infrastructure and processes
  • Quantifying potential improvements
  • Development of strategies and architectures to support the solutions that will allow customers to achieve their business objectives
  • Implementing solutions
  • Change management
  • Qualifying solutions performance


In addition to a comprehensive installation service, Fontware provides pre- and post-sales technical support using an advanced help-desk ticketing system.

Your customers enjoy security and confidence, backed by our SLAs, with a commitment to meet a range of specified response times. Peace of mind, around the clock – and all accessed via a single phone call or e-mail.



Fontware consultants can work alongside your sales team, attending meetings with existing and potential customers to identify ‘pain points’ and secure opportunities for printer hardware.

We can devise solutions for existing customers, to meet their changing needs and safeguard the longevity of installed

Understandably, it is not always practical for sales teams to maintain an in-depth knowledge of all products and solutions. Fontware can enhance the sales process by complementing your team’s hardware knowledge to secure the purchase of printers or multi-function devices with a solution.

Fontware can also use its vast experience to help you prepare realistic and professional tenders and request for proposal (RFP) responses.


When should we work with you?

  • When your sales teams meet customers’ “pain points” & the MFD / printer is not enough to secure the deal.
  • When the document process is more important than the pages per minute.
  • When you want to increase and secure continued business from your customers.
  • When you want to gain market share from your competitors.