Sales Training

  • Analyse the document process

  • Identify ‘pain points’

  • Design the solution

  • Deploy the complete proposal


Spotting opportunities is a key step to sales success. Our training programme shows your sales teams how to recognise the weak points or missing links in their customers’ document processes. We can also help to enhance hardware sales and guard against competitor approaches by adding value to your customers’ MFD.

Although the hardware or ‘box’ is the final link in the document process, it is the elements preceding this which are of most importance to customers. By evaluating and enhancing the entire document process, we can help you to create a smooth and seamless solution for your customer.


Fax, scan, secure print, cost control, follow-me printing and archive, are all important pieces in the document process puzzle.

Fontware understands that sales consultants can only confidently discuss, promote and sell solutions if they have sufficient knowledge. Fontware has a rich bank of information and expertise to share with your sales teams, supporting the concept of ‘sales through education.’ Sharing knowledge with your customers adds value to the relationship and helps to differentiate your offering.

Years of experience in the solutions environment has enabled Fontware to guide many sales teams on how to analyse their customers’ ‘pain points’ and think beyond the box.


Working together, we can help your sales teams to optimise the document process from beginning to end:

  • Getting past the gatekeeper
  • Securing the appointment
  • Analysing the customer’s environment
  • Asking the correct questions and knowing what to do with the answers
  • Designing the systems architecture
  • Introducing the customer to the correct contacts/ solutions
  • Building the customer relationship through ongoing support and added value