Marketing Services

  • E-mail campaigns

  • Online webinars

  • Mini-site creation

  • Brochure creation

To support your sales activities, Fontware has produced a range of reseller marketing tools and services. Our team can help you with the design, content and fulfilment of your online marketing, including e-mail campaigns, webinars, mini-sites and customer surveys.

We can also assist with the design and production of branded print materials, including brochures, sales literature and direct mail. Building on your ideas and customer expertise, we can work together to create an integrated marketing strategy that drives awareness and delivers sales.


E-mail marketing is a quick way to reach customers and a powerful sales tool. With welltargeted, timely and relevant e-shots, you can increase website traffic, develop customer relationships and generate orders.

  • We can help you by designing your e-shots to match your corporate branding.
  • You then either use your own e-mailing software or utilise our feature-rich distribution system, with your own secure login to upload customer data.
  • After sending, you can access reports to see who opened your e-mail and what they were interested in, allowing you to make a tailored follow-up with another e-mail or a phone call.


Having the correct marketing collateral to send to your customers is a vital but often time consuming job. Using Fontware as your marketing resource, we can convert our product literature to match your existing brochure format and corporate branding, and insert your contact details. This ensures that you maintain a professional presence and customers are kept up-to-date.


Using our web-conferencing technology, we can help you host your own webinars, allowing you to communicate and connect with customers and prospects from the convenience of their own office. Webinars enable you to develop a programme of tailored presentations and dialogues without the expense and logistics of physical gatherings.


If you would like to feature our products on your website but can’t easily add or edit content, we can create mini-sites that are designed to look like your original website, pre-loaded with our current solutions. We can also set up links between each site, helping to maximise web traffic and cross-promote your services.


We have a very wide range of products, and can help you find out which ones are right for each of your customers. Using our online surveys, you can quickly determine customers’ requirements and which of our solutions will be of most interest to them. With valuable customer insights, you can optimise your online marketing activities and help drive sales.