TrueType Signatures




Many business documents need to be signed by an authorised signatory. It is often impractical to sign certain documents by hand, especially where high volumes are involved such as mailshots & other marketing material. There is an increasing tendency for documents to be created then emailed or faxed directly in a digital format without ever actually being printed out on paper.

In an attempt to automate this procedure many companies simply scan in a signature & store it as a graphical bitmap file. We turn your signatures into high quality digital fonts.

Benefits of using TrueType font components

  • The file size of the document hardly increases, as the document components such as logos, signatures and symbols are stored as fonts.
  • PC hard disk space is freed up.
  • The fonts are fully scaleable, WYSIWYG, and intergrate seamlessly with Windows.
  • Printing speeds are increased as the printer performs nearer its rated speed by using fonts.
  • Network traffic is greatly reduced so decreasing the risk of network crashes and printer bottlenecks.
  • The font components will appear correctly at any size on screen and when printed will exploit the maximum resolution of the printer.

Non-Windows Formats:

  • if printing from a non Windows platform, such as MAC, Unix, AS/400, Mainframe, etc. please contact us for alternative solutions.