Corporate Email Templates




As part of the Outsourced Option we can produce Email Templates containing your logo & corporate branding…

  • A companies corporate image can be incorporated into each and every email (logos, slogans etc)
  • You can even add signatures to your emails, helping to personalise them like a standard letter
  • The use of colour in emails increases the recipients understanding and retention of the information contained in the message & makes it stand out from other regular black and white email that they receive, perhaps from your competitor’s it gives it authority and it demands to be read.
  • Emails can be customized to contain an individual’s or a department’s specific email addresses& contact details if required or all emails can be fixed to a specified corporate standard.
  • Email templates ensure that every sent email carries correct corporate branding. Once installedemails are simply sent in the usual manner with the chosen corporate template being selected automatically.
  • The fact that any footer contained in the email will scroll down the page as the message is typed, means thatemails can be of any length, with text auto-wrapping onto the next line.
  • The recipient of the email doesn’t have to have any special software installed, as HTML email templatesare supported by most popular email clients.
  • If the email recipient can’t view HTML email, then the message will be received as plain textAdding corporate branding to an email doesn’t create a large file size, as graphical elements are hosted,either on a special section of our web site or on your web site.