Digital Stationery

Print Sampler

Pre-printed stationery usage is a source of various and expensive problems (Stock management, obsolescence, physical manipulation, misuse…). Print Sampler standardises usage of electronic templates, rationalises printing and reduces costs.

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TrueType Logos

Your company logos can be converted into a TrueType logo font which can be used in any Windows based application. We can re-create your corporate logo into a TrueType logo, suitable for all your software applications and systems, in a wide variety of font formats. This will allow you to apply systems automation, control your corporate identity, and maintain ease of use. Learn more about TrueType Logos…


PDF Plus

A PDF-based forms solution for variable data and transactional printing in workgroups and retail operations. PdfPlus is a variable data and forms solution for small to medium print volumes. It is ideal for use in workgroups and for organisations with distributed printing systems, such as retail groups.

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