Why only take the same Document/Print solutions as all of your competitors, out to your customers?

The question above is not one I necessarily get asked on a regular basis, as much as it is a question I ask the dealer and reseller channel themselves.

End user clients have a wide variety of document, workflow and print related challenges within their organisations, be it SMB through to Enterprise, yet most traditional copier dealers, MPS divisions and other resellers sales teams only address a small percentage of those challenges, either because the right questions aren’t being asked in the first place and/or they don’t know that solutions to those challenges even exist!

The commodity items such as the MPS contract itself, the hardware that goes with it and the now inevitable Pull Print solution often do not address the whole scope of the customers challenges and requirements – so where do these customers go instead to get help?

We have found that they often have a connection with what are usually small, specialist suppliers who deal only in perhaps Document Management, Workflow, Capturing & Routing or one of these types of areas, and the customers will contact them and not you, their incumbent print supplier, because they believe all you can supply is the box, the Pull Print and the contract to go around it.

Believe me, I used to do exactly the same when I was in reseller/dealer world!!

So if many resellers/dealers are taking this limited approach and not addressing these other areas, is it any surprise MPS, hardware and Pull Print margins are continually declining? No, not really!

If there are only a small handful of resellers/dealers who are pro-actively taking these “alternative” solutions to their client base and beyond, is it any surprise that they are now making clear headway above their competition, making excellent margins and having very little competition on each deal? No, not really!

This begs the question – why would you not want to be involved in all of that too, and add some additional bullets to the gun?

Sooner or later, everyone will have to sit up and take notice – in the meantime, the cunning few will make their way through your customer base, making a tidy profit along the way………the solutions revolution is on its way!


If you would like an informal chat about what Document & Print solutions you could be taking to market that will compliment your existing business lines, enhance your MPS offerings, but also generate higher margins, better customer retention and recurring revenue streams, please feel free to contact me directly.

John Gifford

Business Manager

Email: john.gifford@fontware.com