What has he actually been up to?

Having now just about settled in, its been a fun and varied period here at Fontware. My main focus has been trying to get round and speak to our partner network, and this is an on-going process, but having met and spoken to many of them they are a good bunch, and I look forward to working more closely with some of them in the future. I am aiming to be that commercial point of contact that hopefully makes our resellers and partners feel happy that they can come to Fontware to get the assistance they need, be an extension of their own team, and know they can source fantastic, often alternative solutions from us.

Aside from that we do get out and about as much as we can and meet with our channel partners and it has been known for us to conduct high profile business meetings in a plethora of lovely pubs across the country!

But if you haven’t spoken to me yet, and want an informal chat about what we can offer and how we can help, feel free to message me on the following:

  • Email: john.gifford@fontware.com
  • Tel: 01489 505075
  • Mob: 07971 542 504
  • Skype: john.gifford.1

What have you added to Fontware and what have been the good bits and the challenges?

Well if I’m honest I am a bit odd, quirky, and probably think I’m more funny than I am with my terrible jokes, but I just enjoy being in the industry and trying to help people solve challenges and win deals. In which case, I feel like I have fitted in with the Fontware way of life pretty well! ☺

The challenges? I think it’s that task of helping resellers, particularly those with limited or even no experience in solutions and/or MPS that represent the biggest challenge, but it’s a very positive one. If I can help them over a period of time to get up and running, get some base knowledge on solutions that will differentiate themselves from their competition, and eventually really start running with solutions in a big way then I’m happy! This ties in with what we are doing with our Partner Program called Fusion – you can learn more about what it means to be a Fusion partner at Fusion.Fontware.com

Funniest moment so far in Fontware?

Having a Fontware internal meeting down the pub (a Fontware theme it seems) and suggesting I get the drinks in and that we should all try something a bit different – as a result I can safely say that I don’t recommend Cheddar Valley Cider! It looks like Lucozade, tastes like a lump of Red Leicester cheese has been left in a metal tin in the sun for a year, and really isn’t that pleasant! Hence, I’m not allowed to recommend drinks in Fontware anymore.

Plans and thoughts for the next 3 months?

We’ve got some more fantastic changes in the portfolio coming up, alongside the recent updates already, and I’m really excited about these. They will further our breadth of offerings to our resellers and in the Fontware style provide a truly alternative, differentiating and interesting set of solutions to the partner network, some of which you are unlikely to find at other places. I’ve also still got lots of people and partners to speak to, so that will continue to progress as we move forward, and our Fusion Partner Program is going to get very interesting soon. Keep an eye out to see if you are one to be selected!

I am also just really looking forward to working with those resellers/partners who want to deal with an alternative, quirky, even “boutique” style distributor that we are, and really add some great value and technology to their customers – that way everyone can go and celebrate some wins with a pint of Cheddar Valley Cider!

Any final comments or thoughts to send out there?

Well, if our resellers/partners have got this far down this text and haven’t fallen asleep let me commend you on that one first of all. Aside from that, regardless of whether you are a Concessionaire, IT VAR, Print Reseller, Supplies Reseller etc, if you want to have an honest, open discussion about how we can help you with your document solutions business, how we can support you getting to a self sufficient stage on solutions, or even just what makes us different, give me a call or send me an email and I will happily discuss this all with you.