With access to thousands of fonts and logotypes in hundreds of styles and languages, Fontware can help you find the right words to express yourself.

As the company name suggests, fonts are something of a specialist area. With almost twenty five years in the business, Fontware has in-depth expertise in supplying standard and foreign-language fonts, creation of TrueType logos, and the design of custom font solutions.

Standard fonts and licensing
Corporate identity, branding developments and online projects often involve new fonts. If customers know what they need, Fontware can supply standard font packages off-the-shelf and as many licences as the organisation requires. In addition, Fontware can help when customers are trying to find something in particular. Identifying and sourcing the right font can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but if customers have a sample, or something specific in mind, our experts will get on the case and it track down.

TrueType logos and fonts
Re-creating corporate or product logotypes in TrueType gives users far greater flexibility for reproduction in both printed and digital formats.

Graphical formats typically require a large file size, which can clog up hard disk space and networks and cause slow printing and bottlenecks. Graphics can be easily distorted when editing a document and resizing certain formats restricts their use or can even make them unusable.

With TrueType logos and fonts, instead of having to insert a large file size graphic into documents, users simply select the font from the menu to create a logo, which is fully scalable simply by adjusting the font size.

Fontware can convert logos into a TrueType font for all software applications and systems and in a wide variety of font formats. This allows users to apply systems automation, control their corporate identity, and maintain ease of use.

TrueType logo fonts integrate seamlessly with Windows, but Fontware offers alternative solutions for printing from other platforms such as MAC, Unix, AS/400 and Mainframe.

Foreign language fonts
For larger organisations operating worldwide, with local office networks, foreign language fonts are a prerequisite for accurate communication and for upholding corporate image. However, for businesses based in a single country but trading globally, it’s equally important to mind your language – deals can be sealed on professional presentation of written content.

Fontware offers expertise in foreign language fonts, sourcing and supplying a multitude of formats ready for use in almost any environment and for any platform, and can help with a wide range of foreign language fonts, including Arabic fonts, CE fonts (Central European), Chinese fonts, Cyrillic fonts, Greek fonts, Hebrew fonts, Japanese fonts, and Korean fonts.

Fontware can also create custom fonts with character sets for every region of the world, designed to reflect organisation style or corporate identity guidelines.

Custom fonts
Using standard fonts can become complex, costly and restrictive, especially when the number of licences and different applications reaches an impractical level. As an alternative, Fontware can custom-design and implement unique typefaces, offering an escape from licensing limitations and strengthening corporate identity.

Custom solutions are also ideal when customers can’t find an exact typeface. With a style brief and a list of reference fonts, Fontware can develop designs to meet visual specifications and any technical requirements. Initial designs by customers or their agencies can also be developed to create finalised fonts including spacing, kerning and hinting.

If customers already have a licensed font that doesn’t fulfil requirements, Fontware can often make the necessary changes, instead of having to buy new typefaces. For example, the addition of extra characters, such as the Euro symbol, expansion of the character set to support additional languages, adjusting spacing and kerning as well as improving screen quality with the introduction of delta hinting.

For more information on Fontware’s comprehensive range of font solutions, email sales@fontware.com or phone 01489 505075.