A unique charging model combined with virtual stationery and solid ink delivers impressive savings on cost, time and waste – and free headed paper.

New printing technology is enabling customers to re-think their printing strategies and break free from expensive pre-printed paper. PlanetPress Virtual Stationery (PPVS) for the Xerox ColorQube streamlines the print workflow and dramatically cuts costs, with no compromise on colour or quality.

Customers can save time, money and by uploading headed paper electronically and eliminating pre-printed supplies. Virtual stationery is stored on the printer’s hard disk as PDFs and can be printed on demand from any Windows application, in black and white or colour, using plain paper from any tray of a Xerox ColorQube. PPVS saves money on all the costs and labour associated with sourcing, storing and loading different hard-copy letterheads.

The transition to virtual stationery is completed in minutes, with little or no change to the print process, and no impact on users. In fact PPVS saves time and effort, with no manual intervention or paper tray configuration. Users simply choose the right version, depending on job content and destination, and in one quick, energy and space-saving action, the printer outputs the document on the correct headed paper. A web interface allows for printer, user and group setup, and users or groups can assign or virtually load up to five stationery types each. Stationery is automatically downloaded to the printers’ hard disks for optimized printing.

Solid ink delivers substantial benefits

Xerox solid ink has proven to deliver colour printing benefits like no other, offering consistently high print quality across all media. The clean, safe, biodegradable technology removes mess and dramatically reduces waste. Good news for printing budgets and for the environment. Solid ink sticks are easy to use, with simple drop-in loading and no messy toner cartridges to handle and dispose of.

Three-tier billing saves money – and letterheads for free!

Most metered plans charge the same price for a small amount of colour on a page as they do for full colour. Xerox ColorQube printers include a unique three-tier billing model which only charges customers for the actual colour they print, so that low-colour coverage documents mean low colour printing costs.

Tier 1: Black plus useful colour

Black-only pages and pages with low colour coverage (such as typical emails, memos and Microsoft Word documents) are billed at the black-only rate

Tier 2: Everyday colour

Pages with moderate colour coverage (such as typical flyers and Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint documents) are billed at slightly more than the black-only rate.

Tier 3: Expressive colour

Pages with high colour coverage (such as typical photos, brochures, newsletters and marketing materials) are billed at the current market rate for colour.

Print letterheads for free

With three-tier billing, users pay less overall for colour and, since most pre-printed stationery falls into Tier 1, it means letterhead documents can be produced for the same cost as black-only prints. This means that customers get colour letterheads at no extra cost.

Maximise benefits, minimise costs

As well printing costs, the hidden cost of pre-printed stationery is also significant. Staff can spend considerable time ordering and managing stock, and ensuring the correct letterhead is in the correct tray and in the proper orientation. IT departments can spend hours installing printer drivers and configuring trays.

And what about flexibility? What if customers want to change a logo, modify contact details or add a new location? What happens to the current inventory of pre-printed paper supply? And that’s not even mentioning the impact of waste on the environment and your budget. Analysing both the direct and indirect impact of pre-printed paper highlights the extensive cost and resource benefits on offer with PlanetPress Virtual Stationery (PPVS) for the Xerox ColorQube.