Barcode printing for corporate applications needn’t mean expensive dedicated printers. Fontware’s BarSTORM solution makes simple and cost-effective use of existing equipment.

Fontware’s BarSTORM solution allows automated barcode printing on standard laser printers without the need to purchase costly, dedicated barcode printers. Virtually all 1D and 2D barcodes can be printed, in any size or orientation, and can be read by all readers and scanners. BarSTORM also supports full auto-encoding and error checking.

The system is designed to meet corporate and enterprise resource planning (ERP) requirements, including financial, retail, industry, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, utilities and labeling applications. BarSTORM integrates seamlessly with most Windows applications and with ERP software.

Print and save
BarSTORM comprises a unique multi-port barcode print server and network bridge. Print jobs are routed to the server, which is installed on the network, enabling auto barcode printing on any Printer Command Language (PCL) printer or multi-function device.

Valuable savings can be made with BarSTORM, especially when compared with dedicated barcode printers, which as well as the significant outlay on purchase and installation are also costly to run. Consumables are an ongoing expense too and replacement parts such as new print heads in thermal printers can cost around £400.00. Utilising existing printers makes sense financially, optimises fleet usage and offers space and logistical benefits.

BarDIMM Inside Technology
BarSTORM has fully licensed the BarDIMM technology from Jetmobile which offers barcode printing technology specifically for HP LaserJets. The BarDIMM technology has been tested with many different environments and is SAP compatible which means that BarSTORM also enjoys easy integration with SAP.

Up to 50 devices supported from a single unit
BarSTORM can support up to four printers connected to its on-board USB ports and, depending how the unit is licensed, up to 50 network attached PCL printers can be served with barcodes, fonts and overlays.

Flash memory
BarSTORM has a 32Mb flash memory on-board, enabling storage of additional data, including fonts, logos, signatures, symbols and form overlays. Overlays and forms can be generated from applications and then loaded and managed from the web interface.