For a national cleaning firm running hundreds of costly desktop printers, Document Workflow Solutions (DWS) installed a streamlined fleet of new MFDs on a cost-per-page contract, delivering major efficiencies, six-figure savings and, for some equipment, a full return on investment within the first year…

Legacy printers were costly and inefficient
Buying additional printers on an ad hoc basis might meet immediate needs, but in the long-term, low purchase costs usually amount to high running costs.

For one company – a national provider of cleaning solutions – maintaining a mish-mash of individual printers, with an increasingly expensive flow of ink and toner, was leaving a nasty smudge on the balance sheet.

Further, with no document strategy, the company had accumulated literally hundreds of individual HP and Canon printers without the means to evaluate operational efficiency or produce cost reporting.

Fixed-cost solution delivers a clean start
A contract-driven business, with a turnover of £350 million and 5,000 staff, naturally creates a substantial demand for document services. Recognising the need to rationalise its existing approach, the firm called in Document Workflow Solutions (DWS) to review the situation and recommend a solution. DWS carried out a full print audit using the print assessment key to establish usage patterns, consumption levels and staff requirements, and proposed migrating the business to new Xerox MFP equipment with a fixed cost per page.

As users would be sharing equipment, Y-Soft SafeQ was also recommended, and has been integrated with the existing security card system. If a machine is already in use, the ‘follow me’ function enables users to simply walk to the next available device, swiping their security card to retrieve their print job.

Massive savings, improved document services
By restructuring the customer’s print services and cost base, DWS has delivered six-figure savings, with some equipment reaping a full return on investment within the first year.

Staff have swapped their individual desktop printers for access to a suite of useful document services and a fleet of high-quality MFDs, which are well-maintained and always stocked with consumables.

All users have access to scanning via the company email system, as well as bespoke business workflows, the ability to print colour documents if permitted by SafeQ, faxing from desktop PCs, and the flexibility of ‘follow me’ printing.

Printing, scanning and copying speeds have increased dramatically and using the SafeQ reporting engine, the management team has already been able to identify areas of waste and further reduce costs.