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“SecureDocs” is a cloud based solution that helps prevent fraud by adding layers of security to standard office documents, printed on plain paper using regular office desktop printers or copiers, these security elements include:

  • Variable Microprinting – customisable microprint using microdots that indicates a copy under magnification & prevents alteration when variable data is used.
  • Copy-Void Pantograph – a hidden ‘COPY’ message, printed behind the document text, that is revealed if someone tries to make an unauthorised copy.
  • Watermark – a repeating watermark containing used-defined variable data, that can be printed anywhere on a document.
  • Logos – any logo or image can be placed on a document.


An innovative PrintTrace feature also allows you to track document information (either overtly or covertly) including:

  • who printed a particular document
  • when it was printed
  • from which printer or computer it was printed


These features improve document security & so can help in the following areas: fraud prevention, loss prevention, brand protection, information security, financial crime prevention & document tracking.

A large number of companies rely solely on preprinted security paper to protect their high value documents. Though preprinted security paper does a good job of securing the base document, it does not address the security of personal data that is added to the document at the point of print. By not securing personal data, companies are leaving themselves vulnerable to unauthorized modifications, forgery or photocopying. TROY SecureDocs helps companies by adding another layer of protection to their documents. By adding personalized security features to each print file before it is routed to the printer, companies can now add in a layer of security beyond preprinted stock, helping to create unique and secure documents.

SecureDocs Applications

  • Government: Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Licenses, Vehicle & Equipment Registrations, Real Estate Titles and Deeds, Work Visas, Temporary IDs, Driver’s Licenses, Passports, Resident/Work Permits, Government ID’s.
  • Finance: Checks, Money Orders, Demand Drafts, Loan Documents, Appraisals.
  • Legal: Contracts, Wills, Power of Attourney Documents Certificates of Origin, NDA’s, Background Checks, Client Records.
  • Entertainment: Tickets, Passes, Contracts.
  • Education: Transcripts, Grade Reports, Certifications, Degrees, Diplomas.
  • Corporations: Bills of Lading, Export Documents, Insurance Policies, Certificates of Origin, Confidential Legal Documents, Denfense Contracts, RFP’s, Manufacturing Documents and Labeling, Stock and Bond Certificates, Prescriptions, Drug Tests.

SecureDocs Benefits

  • Supports multiple custom security profiles for individual documents.
  • Works across desktop, midrange, and production printing environments.
  • Allows companies who utilize preprinted security paper and forms to add another layer of protection to their documents.
  • Eliminates dependency on expensive preprinted security paper and forms.
  • Reduces time and labor spent on chain of custody processes and managing security stock paper.
  • Streamlines document security print processes.
  • Grows with business document security needs.

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