LinkCom IV

LinkCom® IV makes connection of Page- and Line printers to complex IBM host systems and LAN environments easier than ever.

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Blue Kit IPDS

All the HP printers use the PCL standard to control the output to the printed page. The comparative standard for the IBM mainframe and AS/400-iSeries environnement is called AFP/IPDS. By adding the Blue KitTM IPDS Solution, IBM IPDS emulation is added to the HP LaserJet printer without having to change the existing LAN interface. Learn more about Blue Kit IPDS...

Linkcom III

LinkCom III S is a multifunction and versatile protocol converter designed to support both IBM host printing and any PC/LAN printing on laser printers including laser printers with MFP capabilities. LinkCom III S features a two port switch for connection to the network and for connection to the printer. IBM host print data will be translated in the LinkCom III S and converted into PCL or PostScript and sent to the printer using TCP/IP. Learn more about Linkcom III…

Blue Server

Blue Server™ is a powerful server-based printing solution enabling any LAN printer to service IBM Mainframe and Midrange systems applications. Running on a Windows server or workstation, Blue Server connects to IBM Mainframe and AS/400 systems and converts AFP, IPDS and SCS to PCL, PostScript and PDF.

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