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From the early days of laser printing to todays modern printers and font technologies, Fontware bring you the very best in font knowledge combined with over 20 years experience in the font industry.

This section of the site brings together our wide range font products and services:

Custom Type

When you need more than an ‘off the shelf’ font we can help with our custom font services. Whether you need a completely new set of corporate fonts or just some modifications to an existing font we can help. Learn more about Custom Type…


In the past sourcing the correct font license to cover the required usage was relatively straightforward
Learn more…

Language Fonts

We are experts in the field of foreign language fonts – we can supply them to you in a multitude of formats ready for use in almost any environment / platform. Learn more about Language Fonts…

TrueType Logos

Your company logos can be converted into a TrueType logo font which can be used in any Windows based application. We can re-create your corporate logo into a TrueType logo, suitable for all your software applications and systems, in a wide variety of font formats. This will allow you to apply systems automation, control your corporate identity, and maintain ease of use. Learn more about TrueType Logos…

TrueType Signatures

Many business documents need to be signed by an authorised signatory. It is often impractical to sign certain documents by hand, especially where high volumes are involved such as mailshots & other marketing material. There is an increasing tendency for documents to be created then emailed or faxed directly in a digital format without ever actually being printed out on paper. In an attempt to automate this procedure many companies simply scan in a signature & store it as a graphical bitmap file. We turn your signatures into high quality digital fonts. Learn more about TrueType Signatures…

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