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KPAXWith the sleek intuitive graphical interface you can easily simulate the reorganisation of your customers printer set-ups and automatically generate print audits and fleet proposals .doc and .ppt formats.

How it works – a quick and simple process

  1. Gather information (via KPAX Discover)
  2. Consolidate existing information
  3. Analyse existing costs, volumes and usage levels
  4. Simulate potential changes and evaluate the gains
  5. Propose new fleet using automatically generated MS Word or Powerpoint reports

KPAX DesignUser Interface

  • Developed using Microsoft Silverlight, the expandable and collapsable “tree like” interface makes it easy to edit and navigate the customer environment.
  • Users have the alternative of viewing information in a tabular form.
  • The “skins” are fully customisable and can adapted to incorporate a company brand.
  • Information such as volumes, cost or number of users can be added or modified simply by clicking on each level of the hierarchy (device, floor, site and business).

Automated Reports

When the initial data has been collected and the simulations have been performed, reports can be generated providing detailed information on the proposal:

  • Generated in MS Office formats
  • Comes with many templates ready to use
  • Customisable to include company logos
  • Custom reports can also be created

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