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Product Description

LinkCom III S is a multifunction and versatile protocol converter designed to support both IBM host printing and any PC/LAN
printing on laser printers including laser printers with MFP capabilities. LinkCom III S features a two port switch for connection to the network and for connection to the printer. IBM host print data will be translated in the LinkCom III S and cdonverted into PCL or PostScript and sent to the printer using TCP/IP. PC/LAN printing is directed transparently via the switch of LinkCom III S and sent unchanged to the printer. Any MFP capability of the printer e.g. remote configuration, scanning or fax option is maintained and fully operational.

LinkCom III S is designed to work efficiently within the mixed Host/LAN environment and supports TCP/IP and SNA sessions directly from the IBM host systems as well as TCP/IP sessions from the LAN. The LinkCom III S will convert IBM IPDS, ICDS and SCS/DCA to the industry standard PCL5/5e or PostScript language used by most laser printers today.

LinkCom III S makes connection of printers to complex LAN environments easier than ever, as the printer is simply connected via the LinkCom III S to the LAN. By a simple configuration both the IBM systems and standard LAN/PC environment can make full use of all features on any B/W and Colour printer, including finishing options.

LinkCom III S offers easy Plug ‘n Print installation for the AS/400 environment using the TN5250e. TN3270e allows mainframe users to migrate SCS/DCA data stream to LAN in an easy manner.

LinkCom III S also provides elegant features such as status reporting directly to the person responsible for the printer. Future enhancements and updates are easily performed through downloads from the support pages on

  • IBM host printing to any laser printer including mfp printers
  • Full IPDS support including colour printing
  • Converts both AFP/IPDS and SCS/DCA to laser printers
  • Output to the printer using TCP/IP
  • Supports both TCP/IP and SNA sessions from the IBM host
  • TN5250e/TN3270e enabled
  • Printer management using MPI Tech PrintGuide or web browser
  • Password protected set-up


  • SNA, TCP/IP, (PPD/PPR, Port 9100). Other protocols including HP proprietary protocols for printer setup and mfp functionality**) Transparent via switch

IBM Host system support

  • IBM zSeries, S/370, S/390 (MVS/VM/VSE), IBM AS/400, iSeries, i5

Minimum System Requirements (IPDS)

  • PSF/MVS Rel. 2.1 or higher
  • PSF/VM Rel. 2.1 or higher
  • PSF/VSE Rel. 2.2.0 or higher
  • GDDM 3.1
  • PSF/400 Rel. 3.1 or higher
  • InfoPrint Manager for WindowsVer x.x
  • InfoPrint Manager for AIX ver x.x



IBM IP40*, 4028 (3916/3912,3116/3112),3812, 3816*) Default emulation


3270: 3287, 3268, 4214-1, 5250: 4234, 5224, 5225, 5256


5250: 5219/3812

Supported printers

One PCL 5/5c/ and PostScript L2/L3 compatible printer.
Network output port.


  • 2-port Ethernet switch:
  • Port 1: Network connection
  • Port 2: Output for printer NIC
  • USB: Not used


  • Multi session/multi protocol support
  • Pre, post and replacement string facility
  • Firmware upgrade via PrintGuide™
  • Password protected setup

IPDS features

Full IPDS support, Up to 55ppm (High Speed options available). Full colour printing incl FS45, JPG, JFIFF and Object Container support. 2D barcode printing, True-page counters, Double byte font (DBCS) support, Page offset functions. IBM IP40, 4028 & IBM 3812/3816 resident font sets. Downloadable IPDS font set. Outline font support, 240, 300 and 600 dpi support.

SCS/DCA features

MPI Tech FSL facility, Advanced font handling, Multiple page formats, Automatic page orientation, Advanced paper size handling, Internal barcode generation, MPI Tech PSS/EPM AFP software support


MPI Tech PrintGuide™ (Windows)
Web browser (HTML)
DHCP server

Regulatory information


  • 73/23/EEC-Low voltage directive:
  • EN60950-1:2001
  • UL60950-1 (CSA C22.2 No:60950-1-3)


  • 89/336/EEC – EMC directive:
  • EN 55022: 1998 + A2:2003, Class B
  • EN 55024: 1998 + A1:2001 + A2:2003
  • FCC 47 CFT Part 15, Class A
  • AS/NZS 3548 Class B


  • 2002/95/EC – RoHS directive
  • 2002/95/EC – RoHS directive
  • 2002/95/EC – RoHS directive


3 years manufacturing fault warranty

Additional Information


LinkCom IV, LinkCom IV SCS/DCA, LinkCom IV IPDS + SCS/DCA, LinkCom IV + SCS/DCA + H2N x 3, LinkCom IV IPDS + SCS/DCA + H2N x 3, LinkCom IV IPDS Full Color, LinkCom IV IPDS Full Color + SCS/DCA, LinkCom IV IPDS Full Color + SCS/DCA HS 85/30, LinkCom IV IPDS Full Color + SCS/DCA HS 120/45, LinkCom III S, LinkCom III S SCS/DCA, LinkCom III S IPDS + SCS/DCA, LinkCom III S IPDS Full Color + SCS/DCA, LinkCom III S IPDS Full Color + SCS/DCA HS 85/30, LinkCom III S IPDS Full Color + SCS/DCA HS 120/45, LinkCom III S EIO, LinkCom III S EIO + SCS/DCA, LinkCom III S EIO IPDS + SCS/DCA, LinkCom III S EIO IPDS Full Colour + SCS/DCA, LinkCom III S EIO IPDS Full Color + SCS/DCA HS 75/60, EasyCom III 10/100, EasyCom III + SCS/DCA for Matrix, EasyCom III IPDS + SCS/DCA for Matrix,


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