Convert2PDF a cost effective solution for all your scanning needs.

Unlike other solutions which require you to purchase multiple device licenses, with Convert2PDF a single license for the software is all you need, no matter how many users, scanners or scans are required. The solution is easy to use & can be installed in under 5 minutes. A host of features are supported such as: email & folder watching, OCR, barcodes, auto-rotate, regular expressions, scan to network & scan to print.


Scan processing – Scan your documents directly into your business applications.
Email – Watch email mailboxes and process attachments.
Folder watching – Watch folders in your network. Every new document will be processed.
Connect you mobile devices – Send photos you take with mobile devices directly to your scanning processes.
Word, Excel & Co. – Process any digital file with Covert2PDF and use file content to store automatically.
Folder priority – set priorities on watched folders.
Scanner independent – Covert2PDF supports all scanners.
Filter – Use filter to define the documents that should be processed.

Optical character recognition (OCR) – our powerful OCR will convert all scans in text-searchable PDFs.
Text extraction – Use text out of processed documents.
Bates stamp – Put bates stamps on your processed documents.
Barcode – Use barcodes in your scan processes.
Blank page deletion – Delete automatically blank pages in your scans.
Auto rotate – Convert2PDF rotates pages automatically.
Convert to bitonal document – Convert2PDF converts color documents into bitonal documents.
Regular expressions – search in recognized text and use results in variables.
PDF properties – Set PDF properties for your documents. This will help to find your documents later.

Scan-to-Network – Processed files are stored in your network.
Automatic filenames – You can use several variables to automatcially name your processed documents.
E-mail – Send processed documents by email.
Scan-to-print – Print processed documents on up to 5 different printers.
PDF, PDF/A & TIFF – Convert2PDF creates PDF, PDF/A or TIFF documents.
Scanlogging – Create logfiles you can open with Excel. All scans will be logged.
Scan to RA-Micro – Scan directly into RA-Micro e-Mailbox.
SAP – Scan to SAP.
Metadata – Create metafiles with your processed files to be used in your applications.

System Requirements

Convert2PDF loves all your hardware. For the installation you need a Windows based system

(32 or 64 bit) Windows 7, Windows 8 or newer
(32 or 64 bit) Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012
Microsoft .Net 4 is installed (Part of Windows operating system)
200 MB harddrive space for installation files
Actual CPU

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