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PlanetPress Suite

Fontware Solutions Afternoon – 21st June

Date – Thursday 21st June Time – 1:00pm – 3:00PM Venue – Xerox Innovation Centre (Xerox Ltd, Xerox Oxford Road Uxbridge UB8 1HS) Who is this event for? All multibrand resellers looking to increase their margin and sales of printers & MFDs. What will be covered? An overview of our portfolio including a demo of our top solutions:…

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Create, customise and control variable-content business documents with PlanetPress Suite

Fontware has responded to growing demand for control and enhancement of variable-content business documents by introducing PlanetPress Suite to the line-up. Feedback from Xerox concessionaires promoting PlanetPress Virtual Stationery (PPVS) indicated that in addition to eliminating the expense, stock-holding and constraints of pre-printed supplies, customers were keen to find a cost-effective solution for greater customisation…

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Document enhancement with PlanetPress Suite

There is a common issue found in most organizations today: It is difficult to change or improve the layout and function of a business document. This problem is caused by the rigidity of most ERP systems and financial applications. Any change must be planned in advance and requires programming which often implies consultation fees. What’s…

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