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A Guide To Effective Barcode Printing

Whether it is LaserJet or prescription barcodes it helps to know how to get the best results from them. At Top Barcodes we pride ourselves on our work and so we wanted to share our tips on how to make sure what you print comes out effectively. Make sure you get the right one The…

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Introducing Tech Talk

Everyone knows about barcodes but do we use them to full effect? I’m currently working on my first barcode project with Fontware which will be using a 2D Datamatrix code for line items on packing documents. Planet Press is ideal for this application because we can grab a field in the original PDF from the…

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Fontware offers flexible, cost-effective solutions for on-demand barcoding using existing printers

The increasing adoption and diversity of barcoding has generated growing demand for cost-effective, on-demand printing of varying volumes. Whether it’s for product identification, sales and inventory, order tracking, stock control, or packaging and documentation, barcoding has expanded its reach well beyond the limitations of traditional batch printing and the use of expensive dedicated printers. Fontware…

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BarSTORM offers simple, cost-effective barcoding for corporate environments

Barcode printing for corporate applications needn’t mean expensive dedicated printers. Fontware’s BarSTORM solution makes simple and cost-effective use of existing equipment. Fontware’s BarSTORM solution allows automated barcode printing on standard laser printers without the need to purchase costly, dedicated barcode printers. Virtually all 1D and 2D barcodes can be printed, in any size or orientation,…

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How to set up barcoding for retail

Small retailers can make big gains from barcoding. Getting started is quick and easy, and minimal set-up costs can soon be recouped through accurate sales and inventory tracking, reduced data entry errors, lower handling costs and faster customer service. For new product barcoding, the first step is to contact the GS1 Member Organisation in your…

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