Webinar: Making solution sales easy – the Fontware solution sales proposition

Date – 24/07/2012 or 25/07/2012 Time – 10:00am What will be covered? Presented by Andy Banes, CEO of Fontware, he’ll give an overview of our comprehensive portfolio of solutions & professional services & explain how you can increase margin & retain customers by working with us. The Fontware solutions proposition Overview of solutions including: Secure…

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Fontware Solutions Afternoon – 21st June

Date – Thursday 21st June Time – 1:00pm – 3:00PM Venue – Xerox Innovation Centre (Xerox Ltd, Xerox Oxford Road Uxbridge UB8 1HS) Who is this event for? All multibrand resellers looking to increase their margin and sales of printers & MFDs. What will be covered? An overview of our portfolio including a demo of our top solutions:…

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Nuance Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Helping You Solve Paper Processing Challenges Nuance is a leading provider of speech, imaging and interaction solutions for healthcare organisations around the world. Our technologies, applications and services improve the patient experience by transforming the way healthcare organisations interact with paper information and how they create, share and use documents across the multitude of patient touch points. At the…

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Invitation to Xerox A4 ColorQube 8700 / 8900 Product Launch Road Show

The event will include the introduction to the new A4 ColorQube 8700/8900, followed by a product demonstration. This is further followed by demonstrations and live use of mobile print followed by solutions partner demonstrations with EIP applications and thereafter an open forum for a review of the A4 ColorQube Q&A sessions and business discussion. Agenda…

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Tech Talk – Scanning to folders and beyond

We are all comfortable with scanning to folders and scanning to email from our MFD’s what comes next? Always remember to ask a client what they will do with the documents once we have helped them scan the paper. Would it help if we could :- Build a simple folder structure so they can find…

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PlanetPress EnvelopeNOW – Easily manage scan marks and speed up mail preparation

PlanetPress EnvelopeNOW is a stand-alone solution allowing inserter owners to take full advantage of their post-processing hardware. Through an automated printing process, add the right scan marks to your existing documents, following manufacturers’ guidelines. Drive your inserter’s specific functionalities by creating scan marks conditions once, for each type of document you have. Save your projects…

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Introducing Tech Talk

Everyone knows about barcodes but do we use them to full effect? I’m currently working on my first barcode project with Fontware which will be using a 2D Datamatrix code for line items on packing documents. Planet Press is ideal for this application because we can grab a field in the original PDF from the…

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Create, customise and control variable-content business documents with PlanetPress Suite

Fontware has responded to growing demand for control and enhancement of variable-content business documents by introducing PlanetPress Suite to the line-up. Feedback from Xerox concessionaires promoting PlanetPress Virtual Stationery (PPVS) indicated that in addition to eliminating the expense, stock-holding and constraints of pre-printed supplies, customers were keen to find a cost-effective solution for greater customisation…

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