eCopy ShareScan delivers quality document imaging while others fail to impress

Get past the glossy promises, and some document imaging software leaves a woeful gap between expectation and actual performance. Features and functionality claimed on the box can quickly turn into a list of faults and failings – frustrating for customers, and a costly exercise in returns and replacements for suppliers.

With its industry-leading imaging solutions, Nuance is delivering on promises where others fall short. The eCopy ShareScan suite teams high-quality and dependable document capture with flexible and intuitive system configuration. A competitive price tag is made all the more attractive by the system’s proven and reliable capabilities, including:

  • Scan to email/desktop/folder/fax
  • Searchable text OCR
  • PDF conversion/encryption
  • Active directory integration
  • Graphical process designer
  • (For more features and benefits view the eCopy ShareScan page here)

With eCopy ShareScan, businesses can link MFPs and scanners directly with enterprise systems to streamline the task and secure the process of capturing paper-based information to business applications. The result of this direct integration is increased productivity and greater compliance. Transforming paper-centric processes into electronic workflows directly from ShareScan lower costs, reduces information risk, and accelerates business processes.

What to look out for – pitfalls and shortcomings

Other solutions on the market may claim to offer a similar array of features and benefits, but in reality they suffer from a host of deficiencies and simply don’t measure up to the task. It’s not even a case of saying “you get what you pay for,” since such systems usually offer no advantage on purchase price and can also entail costly add-ons.

For example, look out for hidden licensing and maintenance costs. In some cases, Microsoft Office must be installed on the server when using the Send to Mail Recipient / Microsoft Exchange component. Systems may also require clients installed on the server when connecting to Documentum, FileNet, IBM Content Server and Laserfiche.

Another major shortcoming can be the lack of support for dynamic folder browsing outof-the-box, which is an unacceptable limitation for basic network scanning. As Windows and DM folder structures change, the static folder paths will become out-of-date, forcing users to return to their desk to retrieve and refile the document to place it into the desired folder. Further, folder browsing requires Java or VB Scripting. While sample scripts may be provided, in some cases they are only supported via an online community forum.

A basic requirement for network scanning is Document Preview on the device screen, but this is not always supported. Without it, users won’t know whether their document was scanned correctly until after they’ve returned to their desk, resulting in time wasted walking back to the copier to re-scan.

Configuring basic scan-and-send/store workflows can be highly complicated and hard to learn with some systems. Users are expected to configure image processing operations; define UI form fields and data types; map form field data to route component fields; and to manage error file handling and job status notification, in addition to configuring directory services, email, folder, OCR and archive connections. The result is significantly higher total cost of ownership (TCO) and lowers ROI.

Unlike eCopy ShareScan, not all imaging software supports file splitting based on file size. This renders scan and mail useless when attempting to email large scanned documents. The result is failed scanning jobs and more manual processing once the user returns to their desk adversely impacting productivity.

MFP users may also be forced to OCR the document to output PDF, imposing unnecessary burden on the server CPU for scan jobs that require PDF but don’t always require searchable text, e.g. scan and mail. The searchable text OCR setting in eCopy ShareScan can be set to be user modifiable.

A proven and trusted solution

Ultimately, customers want a system that does exactly what it says on the box, enabling them to achieve what they want without compromise, complication or wasted effort. eCopy ShareScan offers comprehensive functionality through a user-friendly interface, and delivers trouble-free performance and visible value.

Users benefit from highly extensible, device-independent document imaging software. The ShareScan platform architecture opens unlimited opportunities to connect any business application to any multifunction peripheral (MFP) or scanner, delivering a consistent user experience every time.

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