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Archive for February 2011

Fontware offers flexible, cost-effective solutions for on-demand barcoding using existing printers

The increasing adoption and diversity of barcoding has generated growing demand for cost-effective, on-demand printing of varying volumes. Whether it’s for product identification, sales and inventory, order tracking, stock control, or packaging and documentation, barcoding has expanded its reach well beyond the limitations of traditional batch printing and the use of expensive dedicated printers. Fontware…

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Reduce printing and stationery costs with PlanetPress Virtual Stationery for the Xerox ColorQube

Businesses currently using pre-printed stationery will be well aware of the expense incurred with purchase and stock management. Pre-printed paper is even more expensive in terms of time and labour, as well as wastage and environment issues. Xerox concessionaire Aspen Solutions approached an office interiors business that had highlighted concerns about printing and stationery costs.…

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Print stream management keeps productivity flowing

Taking control of print data streams helps to optimise document management and deliver a wealth of savings in time, labour, paper waste and money. The growth of customised communication and print-on-demand has put huge pressure on document management processes. Agile enterprises need fast, flexible and cost efficient print production, while bespoke output and a ‘right…

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