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Archive for January 2011

Is your business Linkedin, Facebooked and Twittering with Fontware?

Fontware has found social media to be the perfect platform for sharing content with colleagues, customers and contacts The adoption of social media by businesses and professionals is enabling communication and collaboration with unprecedented speed, reach and variety. Fontware currently uses social networking sites Facebook and Linkedin, microblogging service Twitter, and also has a channel…

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BarSTORM offers simple, cost-effective barcoding for corporate environments

Barcode printing for corporate applications needn’t mean expensive dedicated printers. Fontware’s BarSTORM solution makes simple and cost-effective use of existing equipment. Fontware’s BarSTORM solution allows automated barcode printing on standard laser printers without the need to purchase costly, dedicated barcode printers. Virtually all 1D and 2D barcodes can be printed, in any size or orientation,…

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