ThinPrint does its bit for centralised government

How do you centralise applications for nearly 1,000 networked printers without losing speed and stability? ThinPrint technology has the solution for full printing power…

Fontware partner Euroform has successfully assisted in the deployment of a ThinPrint solution for a large governmental organisation, improving printing processes for centralised applications across a widespread network.
With responsibility for public transport infrastructure, the client organisation was only too familiar with maintaining network speeds and accessibility. The challenge was to centralise applications for managing operations using Citrix, while improving print functionality and speed across the almost 1,000 strong fleet of printers.

Platform for change
Today, construction of server-based environments with established Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Services software platforms offers a very inexpensive and efficient alternative to decentralised IT infrastructures. With what are now very mature transmission protocols like ICA or RDP as a basis, an entire office network, for example, can easily and flexibly be equipped with the necessary applications over very thin connections to central server farms.

However, migrating to such an infrastructure can cause system instability, with heavy loads placed on servers and high bandwidth traffic impairing application performance. It also has implications for online costs and administration. Euroform’s ThinPrint Module has been developed to help resolve such challenges.

Running at full power
The ThinPrint Client Module uses the resource oriented bandwidth control, print-job compression and streaming support of ThinPrint technology to provide the full printing power of the current range of HP LaserJet printers. ThinPrint technology runs on the server and in the printer, reducing the network load and ensuring the printing processes only use a limited part of the available bandwidth. It also eliminates much of the administration effort associated with ensuring that the right software is on all the users’ machines – particularly important when your way of working and information becomes increasingly mobile.

Fast and efficient infrastructure
The project started in December 2008 with an installation on 13 devices, and later expanded to the whole of the estate involving a total of just under 1,000 devices.

A lot of work was involved in running manual audits to establish which hardware could support the EuroForm technology, so careful project management was required to ensure only the right parts were procured, with around 400 new HP LJ4515s purchased to replace legacy devices not capable of using the new technology.

The end result is a more efficient print infrastructure facilitating central management of the applications in use with no detriment to the speed of print.

Fontware is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the ThinPrint Client Module and all EuroForm products. Founded in 1993, the Danish company is an established provider of print solutions, leading the way in many areas of the industry.

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